healtHcentric stackable and guest seating offer superior infection control features and are backed by a 10-year warranty. The IC+ PVC-free upholstered seat and under-seat seal completely seal the seat pan, including the underside of the seat, to offer a seamless and impermeable solution against liquids and pathogens.

The iCentric Guest Series offers the same durability, comfort and modular design as our regular guest and stackable seating and are designed to match these chair’s aesthetics to form a coherent look.
Upholstered iCentric Guest chairs are warranted up to 350-500 lbs.

The 24" iCentric Guest is a total of 30 inches wide, and is warranted for 450 lbs.

The Upholstered Stacker is designed to provide a comfortable solution for short term waiting areas and guest seating.

Stackable up to 6 seats high without a chair cart and up to 10 seats with a cart.

This price is for Grade 4 Vinyl Upholstery (Supreme). If fabric is required, please contact us for other prices.