The Spine Saver Stool comes in various height-ranges, and is perfect to use as a perching stool for a sit-stand or standing workstation. 
The saddle seat comes in 2 styles: Saddle seat, and T-seat 

This stool provides optimal support for users that employ varied working postures from fully seated through partially standing up to fully standing.

It promotes a more open seating angle allowing the user's lumbar curve to be fully engaged and provide the shock absorbing benefits to the body that it is capable of. The user can derive great benefits in the fully standing posture as it allows the user to distribute some of the body’s weight load from the feet and legs and allow for more comfortable standing posture sessions.

The user need not retrofit the station to a full standing height to enjoy many of the same healthful benefits that the standing worker enjoys. This allows for a more cost effective retrofit for the employer while still providing the worker with expanded posture choice.

(USA Purchases can be made by calling us.)


Saddle height range:
GL135 cylinder 17" - 22.5"
GL200 cylinder 21.5" - 29.5"
GL270 cylinder 24.5” - 34.5”

Backrest (optional):
mid back - 12½” wide x 8” high
high back - 12½” wide x 12” high

This Stool comes standard in Staccato fabric, which is exceptionally durable, looks very nice, and has some texture to prevent slippage. Please choose your colour in the variant list above.

Please Email info@abilityatwork.com or phone us to inquire about any other options, or to process your order manually.