Ergonomic Assessments

  • Ergonomic Risk Assessments – For Injury Prevention

  • Worker Accommodation Assessments – For Early and Safe Return to Work, or to keep Workers at Work

  • Individualized Ergonomic Assessments – To Eliminate Ergonomic Risk Factors for an individual employee or client

  • Job Hazard Identification – To Identify Ergonomic Risks in a job position

Have you noticed that every person has unique physical characteristics and different physical and mental abilities and limitations?

Neglecting to consider these factors in the workplace can result in an abundance of problems, including decreases in performance and efficiency, increases in injury costs and lost time, and high employee turnover. Furthermore, workers are often inadvertently exposed to risk factors that increase the onset of musculoskeletal disorders. In our experience, despite new Occupational Health and Safety legislation and training programs, many workers continue to be unknowingly exposed to ergonomic risks for injuries or pain conditions.

An Ergonomic Assessment will help identify any risk factors and hazards for an individual job position, or several job positions. This will help to decrease the costs of disability and lost time, while improving productivity and job satisfaction in your company and workplace.

Since 2000, we have completed ergonomic assessments for a wide variety of referral sources, including worker compensation insurance, employers, long and short term disability insurers, auto insurers, other rehabilitation providers, and private individuals.

We have expertise in completing Ergonomic Assessments in all types of occupations, such as office workstations, industrial and manufacturing, construction, government, banking and financial institutions, healthcare, education, retail, farming, and non-profit organizations.

Physical/Worksite/Job Demands Analysis and Cognitive Demands Analysis

At Ability at Work, we take great pride in the Physical Demands Analyses (PDA’s,) Job Demands Analyses (JDA’s) and Cognitive Demands Analyses we produce for your company or clients.

Our PDA Reports are customized to meet your needs and purpose. They are extremely detailed, thorough and include photos and descriptions of the tasks performed, as well as objective measurements of all the physical demands for each task.

We have produced PDA’s for all types of occupations, including construction, industrial, healthcare, farming, education, retail, and more.

Since 2000, our referrals have come from the WSIB, Employers, Insurers, Occupational Health and Safety Consultants, and other Rehabilitation Providers.

Our PDA’s will assist employers to accommodate workers in Early and Safe Return to Work successfully. The PDA helps determine which tasks the worker is safely able to perform, considering their abilities and restrictions or limitations, to accommodate a safe and effective Return to Work.

Our PDA’s also assist in the hiring process, so that employers can be sure that new hires are able to meet the full demands of the job, or else to accommodate them, according to the Employment Act and the Human Rights Code.

We have very competitive rates, and can complete the reports with tight timelines.

Ergonomics Training Programs

The following educational and training programs can be customized to the needs of your workplace and employees, and provided to groups for all types of occupations:

  • Office Workstation Set-up, and how to adjust one’s workstation (The Why and How of Ergonomics)

  • Train the Trainer (Office and other Occupations)

  • Proper Material Handling, Lifting, Pushing and Pulling

  • Patient Handling and Transfers Preventative Back Care and Core Stability

  • And other topics as requested which are relevant to your workplace and workers

Ergonomic Surveillance Programs

A sound and effective ergonomics program will help to prevent occupational stressors, reduce the amount of exposure to any risk factors, and lower the risk of injury among your employees.

Demonstrate your company’s proactive approach and commitment to a comprehensive Occupational Health and Safety Program, through Ergonomic Surveillance Programs.

Our Registered Kinesiologists can help you develop an ergonomics program that can accomplish all of the above.

Ability at Work’s Registered Kinesiologists are providing these Ergonomics services throughout Ontario, Canada.

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