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“Good afternoon! I just received my chair. Took me less than 5 minutes to adjust. I am comfortably sitting with my back straight, lumbar region well supported, feet flat on the floor, elbows supported if I want. I am so happy with my purchase. My only regret is not to have made the order sooner: I should have gotten this chair at the beginning of the pandemic, when I was forced to work from home full time. But I got it now. Thank you and you team for the excellence of your service and your product.” - Julie

"Very comfortable. I have similar chair at the office. Since I am working from home, I wanted to treat myself ( and my soar back with a proper chair. The multiapplication features on this chair, are what I needed as I am the small size shape and majority of the chairs on the market have been too big for me and did not provide proper support for my back, neck, shoulders resulting in chronic pains. I was seriously looking so much forward to receive my chair. It was delivered very fast and it was fully assembled." - Corinne

"I am not the person who is using this chair but the service I got while making the purchase for a team member was impeccable. I was helped with everything. Highly recommend! The employee who received the chair has said that the chair fits their needs." - Paula

Are you searching for ErgoCentric workstation products online in Canada? Ability at Work’s ergonomists are workplace accommodation experts in Canada. ErgoEquip strives to provide all ergonomic equipment for office and other occupations. Just call us and ask for assistance in sourcing out your needs. Ergocentric chairs are customized, which helps us to accommodate you with the most suitable and comfortable office chairs and adjustable height desks. Ergocentric chairs are most often recommended by ergonomists for worker accommodation in Canada. They can be totally customized to fit your body size, and resolve any pain points. In our educational courses for Ergonomists, we use Ergocentric for accommodation training, to teach how to customize office chairs to meet individual needs.

Please search the ErgoEquip products pages on this website, for our popular Hag Capisco chair offered in Canada, with the saddle seat option. Now that more workers are preferring to move around and alternate between sitting and standing, the Hag Capsico Puls chair has been very appealing. It is also totally washable, and useful for medical and clean environments. The Capsico chair also comes in upholstered options, as well as with the seat-only, or the seat with the backrest. The backrest is meant so that the user can face the front or the back of the chair.