We help employers to:

  • Prevent disability claims- We ensure employees work safely and efficiently to prevent injuries or illness, through Ergonomic Assessments, Training and Education programs, Work Hardening and Conditioning programs, Effective rehabilitation of injuries
  • Decrease the costs of disability claims- through ergonomic Job Accommodation Assessments, and Functional Abilities Evaluations to determine worker’s abilities and restrictions to work
  • Return to work early and safely
  • Resolve disability claims, by determining the real barriers to return to work, and ensuring proper accommodation

    We know the challenges that employers face within Disability Management:

    • Such as difficulty knowing the employee’s objectively determined functional abilities and limitations, from a doctor’s note, which was based on a subjective discussion with the worker about what they feel their abilities are. The doctor also may not know the job demands.
    • Requirement to accommodate workers to the point of undue hardship.
    • Accommodating workers who are not cooperating, or who have ongoing issues.
    • Not knowing which job demands would best suit the worker for accommodation.
    • Ensuring that proper assessments take place, to determine job demands (PDA’s or JDA’s), and Worker’s Functional Abilities and Limitations (FAE’s, FCE’s, or Functional Work Capacity Evaluations)

      Functional Abilities/Capacities Evaluations

      We complete exceptionally thorough, objective and detailed Functional Abilities Evaluations which answer your referral questions specifically and clearly. Our reports are easy to follow, and do not include extra information other than what is requested. Our Functional Abilities Evaluations take 4 to 5 hours of one-on-one client contact time, which provide us opportunity to thoroughly measure and observe client behaviours and abilities, and to assess for potential barriers to rehabilitation.


      Functional Restoration

      We specialize in Functional Restoration and Functional Activation programs for individuals with chronic pain, or illness, somatoform disorders, and who have psycho-social risk factors which may limit their recovery.

      We work in collaboration with the rest of the multi-disciplinary healthcare team, the referral source, and the client, to implement a structured, goal-directed approach to gradually increase the individual’s activity level. The goal is to provide guidance and to facilitate community re-integration, to empower the client with gradually resuming their previous life activities (work, social, family, recreational, healthy lifestyle).


      Vocational Evaluations

      Our Vocational Evaluator will complete comprehensive vocational assessments to determine transferable skills, other suitable occupations to ensure your claimants return to productive and fulfilling occupations successfully.


      Vocational Rehabilitation

      Return to Work and/or a productive lifestyle is always our goal for all rehabilitation clients. Our Vocational Rehabilitation Services are comprehensive, including physical rehabilitation for reactivation, re-building of physical abilities, determination of suitable occupations, job search training, and partnering with job placement services to ensure successful job placement.


      Work Hardening and Conditioning

      We don’t just focus on having the individual perform simulated job duties to build endurance and strength.

      We first assess the client’s overall physical abilities and limitations, and then, using our expertise in the science of human movement and functioning, we implement a gradual physical exercise program to re-program proper movement patterns, core stabilization and control, then build strength, endurance, and then incorporate graduated simulated job duties. We provide the client with education regarding proper body mechanics and postures, “hurt vs. harm”, pain management, ergonomics, and pacing strategies to ensure the client is knowledgeable and capable of managing and preventing ongoing issues or re-injury. Whenever possible, we will plan and facilitate a return to work program with the client’s employer.

      We always focus on the true barriers to return to work, and gear the Work Hardening program towards overcoming these barriers. Barriers may be musculoskeletal, mental or cognitive, or a health condition. With our broad expertise as Registered Kinesiologists, we are able to develop interventions to overcome these barriers, and achieve successful return to work.

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