The airCentric3 is not the new airCentric2

The airCentric3 by Gry Mattr + ergoCentric is the same as an airCentric2 in its construction, but not in adjustability, nor its ability to be customized. The airCentric3 was not meant to replace the airCentric2, but was meant to be a quick-ship, pre-made chair which can be bought off the shelf for a lower price, because it is produced in high volume.

Here are the features of the airCentric3 by Gry Mattr branding:

  • air vents in the backrest- the same as airCentric2
  • Grade 1 Open House fabric- Only in Black
  • back rest height adjustments of 5 inches- no options for Air Lumbar Pump
  • Dedicated task mechanism (similar to a boardroom model chair): back rest tilt and seat tilt adjustments (no free-float or ability to recline.) No seat depth adjustments from a seat slider, which is only in the multi-tilt and synchro-glide mechanisms.
  • [TC360] Arm rests which swivel 360 degrees and are height adjustable. These are nice arm rests. The brackets can be adjusted outward wider too, from underneath the seat.
  • You can choose from 3 seat sizes (small, standard, and extra deep)
  • The airCentric3 ergonomic task chair is BIFMA Compliant, GreenGuard Gold and Level 1 Certified.
  • 12 Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty 

The airCentric3 can be shipped out next day and arrive unassembled at your door, within a few days.

The Dedicated Task mechanism is not as adjustable as the multi-tilt chair. This chair is very similar to the Boardroom model of chair. It does not have ability to recline into free float, nor to adjust the seat depth. It is a good all-round chair for the money, and if you fit into the seat size you choose, and you don't recline in chairs, it is a worthwhile purchase.

If you would like a more ergonomic chair (which means it is more adjustable and would be customized to fit you better), then please refer to the airCentric 2 Multi-tilt chair, or the airCentric 2 Synchro Glide  chair.


Here's a good review of this chair from the Gry-Mattr website:

4 out of 5 stars.

It's a good chair, the price is a little steep for the feature

I really wanted to love this chair. I couldn't test this in the store prior to buying. Here's a review. Keep in mind, I'm 5'9, 192 pounds. Work from home. Have 5-8 hours of on-seat time combined. Single stretches of work not exceeding 3 hours.


The adjustability is decent (not perfect, note that, please). You can adjust the tilt (back and seat) and the height (back and tilt).
The arms a little stiff, but very high quality.
The wheels are great.


The arms don't come in the max. If you type with your arms locked in, you won't be able to really get the best support for your elbows.
The chair does not have a rocking mechanism.
The back is a little thin and unsupportive.
The seat depth isn't adjustable. So if you're, 6 feet ish, in height, you're good. Otherwise you're not.

Summary: It's a decent chair. But it lacked the critical customization for me that would motivate me to spend the extra $$ over a 250 dollar run of the mill chair. I do, however, like it enough that I will be getting the more adjustable version of this.