179CR (Keyboard Tray arm is not included)

  • Converts 90° corners and corners with keyboard cutouts to usable diagonal corners
  • works with all Workrite keyboard arms
  • Width is 26 inches and depth is 15 inches
  • Works with the following Workrite platforms: 188, 488, 2180S, 2181SN, 2100FT, 317RL, 2110D, 2110RL, 2110RLN, 321RL, 180, 187, 487, 385RL, 482, 483, 485, 486, 182, 183, 185, 186
  • Dimensions: 26"W x 15"D x 1.5"H
  • Colour: black or grey 

Do you have your keyboard positioned on top of the desk in a corner workstation? 

This corner sleeve is ideal for allowing you to position your chair closer to the desk, so that you can support your arms on the arm rests of the chair. There is ample room for the keyboard and mouse. It will increase the depth and work surface of your desk.

Ergonomist's note: I use this corner maker often with my clients to optimize the set up of a corner workstation (either rounded or 90 degrees). I do not usually recommend the use of a keyboard tray if the worker can keep the keyboard and mouse on the desk top, but fill in the tight corner with the sleeve to create a 26 inch wide straight edge to their desk.