Introducing the most hygienic stool on the market. The healtHcentric Hands-free Medical Stool’s foot-activated adjustment treadle lever allows easy adjustment for multiple seat heights without the use of hands to help maintain infection control standards. Backed by a 10-year warranty, the IC+ PVC-free upholstered seat and under-seat seal completely seal the seat pan, including the underside of the seat, to offer a seamless and impermeable solution against liquids and pathogens.

The Hands-free Medical Series was designed from top to bottom for the medical profession, with every inch and every feature created to be the ultimate in medical stool design. The Hands-free Medical Series is GREENGUARD® certified

The Hands-free Medical Series is foot-activated to adjust the stool sitting height with our proprietary new treadle, making height adjustments much easier than the round ring found on other foot-activated stools without any concern of a shoe heel catching on the ring.

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