What is Kinesiology?

It is all the science that is involved in human movement and function, from the initial thought or subconscious initiation of the movement, through to the end results, human performance (in work, sport, play, daily activities, etc.). Kinesiologists have been trained in the core competencies of Human Anatomy, Biomechanics, Perceptual-Motor Behaviour and Psychology, and Exercise Physiology. In summary, we know what affects human performance and how, and we know how to optimize human physical performance in all areas of life. Many Kinesiologists have also trained and specialized in helping clients to optimize their cognitive functioning as well (the neurobehavioural competency in Kinesiology).

Our Kinesiologists can help You, your Employees, and your Clients:

  • Improve your function if you have a pain, health, or biomechanical condition

  • Assess your individual needs for rehabilitation, exercise, and ability to return to work.

  • To return to work and become more comfortable and productive at work, through ergonomics, exercise (strengthening programs), and return to work coordination with your employer or insurance company.

  • Overcome debilitating pain conditions which affect ability to function in everyday life. For example, low back pain, other musculoskeletal pain, chronic pain from injuries or degenerative. All without medication, and using only the abilities you already have in your body.

  • Optimize your functional abilities and improve your health if you have a health condition, such as Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis, Stroke, Acquired Brain Injury, Arthritis, Osteoporosis.

  • Learn how to exercise safely, so that you can continue independently in the exercise environment that you prefer (home, gym, pool, or outside)

Exercise Therapy and Personal Training

A Registered Kinesiologist’s training and expertise far exceeds that of personal trainers in the gym, who for the most part have taken a 30 hour course, as opposed to 4 years of university education. Plus, we have many years of experience implementing personalized exercise therapy programs. We know how to prevent injuries and how to prescribe exercises which will improve your function, not just mimic what other people are doing in the gym.

Our exercise programs are individualized, to ensure we meet the goals and needs of each client. We meet with our clients in the most appropriate and convenient location (home, clinic, gym or hotel gym, swimming pool).

Every client starts with developing safe and proper posture, functional movement patterns, core stabilization, and then builds upon these by gradually adding weights, cardiovascular exercise and appropriate stretches.

Weight Loss and Health Management

Our Kinesiologists are specialists in knowing how to combine appropriate exercise interventions with the most recent knowledge of what constitutes the healthiest nutritional approaches, to help with your success in achieving optimal health and body weight.

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