Building on the success and outstanding looks and performance of our Advantage Series we are proud to introduce the clever dual arm model. Encompassing all the great features of the single arm series, this model allows two independently adjustable monitors to be mounted from the same dual mount saving space and making for a more professional appearance. Each arm will require only a fingertip’s pressure to adjust the monitor height and equally user friendly adjustments for horizontal extension, monitor rotation and tilt. With standard quick disconnect, it is a breeze to install and reconfigure. This dual monitor arm will keep you viewing your monitor in complete comfort and style for years to come.



  • LA2-4422S - silver finish
  • 4½ - 22 lbs (2-10 kgs) per monitor 
  • each arm requires only a fingertip's pressure to adjust monitor height either up or down
  • horizontal extension adjustments are quick and simple with no knobs, levers or tools of any kind
  • monitors independently and easily rotate from landscape to portrait and tilt between -45º to +75º
  • each monitor is independently adjustable
  • each arm folds to less than 3” to save space when not in use.
  • includes ingenious top-down mounting kit, allowing easy installation in clamp, grommet, or through-desk format without the need to work under the desk
  • compatible with all VESA® compliant monitors – includes 75mm and 100mm VESA® standard mounting plates
  • includes cable management system with cables neatly concealed in arm for a clean and professional look
  • comes standard with quick disconnect feature making monitor installation and changes a snap

LR106S - Laptop mount in silver for any VESA compliant monitor arm including Advantage