The AiData Flex Arm Organizer help keep your information easily accessible by lifting it off your desk giving your more desk space.  This Desktop Organizer attaches to your desk and has 10 pockets for documents and displays up to 20 pages for quick and easy access and reference.  The flexible arm rotates 360° and extends up to 16 " for easy access to your documents and information.  It quickly attaches to your desk with a clamp mount that can be used on work-surfaces of up to 2.36" thick. 


  • Flex Arm Organizer lifts your information off the desk, saving desk space
  • This 10 pocket Organizer has a flexible arm up to 16", rotates 360°
  • Displays 20 pages of documents 
  • Quick and easy reference tabs
  • Clamp easily mounts to desk surfaces up to 2.36" thick


  • Product viewing height from desk 13.4” ( 340 mm) up to  (25.98”) 660 mm
  • Arm vertical height up to  18.5” (470 mm)
  • Extends to horizontal depth 16" (410 mm)
  • Clamp suitable for desks up to 2.36” (6 mm) thick