Available in many sizes for right and left hands.

Contour Mouse, formerly known as the Perfit Mouse, is an ergonomic hand-held mouse designed to support your hand comfortably, regardless of size. It features a moderately sloped angle to maintain ergonomic positioning and comes in both right and left handed sizes.

Made for you

  • A pronounced arch on the top of Contour Mouse supports your hand from underneath, allowing you to rest it on top of the mouse.
  • Elongated buttons allow you to use the second knuckle of your finger to click, as opposed to micro movements associated with clicking from your fingertips.
  • Contour Mouse offers a proper, full-size third button for the double click function.
  • Your thumb rests naturally on the side of the mouse, between the scroll wheel and a rocker switch.

Find your Size: 

  • Your hand should be able to rest upon Contour Mouse and support your full palm from underneath. To find your perfect size, you should measure the length from the tip of the middle finger to the first crease of the wrist.
Contour Mouse is optimal for localized injuries to the wrist and hand and allows you to move the mouse with the full lower arm.

Length                     Size Right Hand Left Hand
Under 17 cm (6.75'') S X
17-19 cm (6.75''-7.5'') M X X
19-21 cm (7.5''-8.25'') L X X
Larger XL X


XL Size has been discontinued, but we have a few in stock.

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