The HandshoeMouse SHIFT from Hippus is the ambidextrous next generation of the original HandshoeMouse, and continues to eliminate any need to grip the mouse or overextend your fingers to reach for buttons. The unique shape of the SHIFT allows your hand and fingers to completely relax on the mouse, and switch between right handed or left handed configurations within seconds. The recommended usage for this mouse is on your desk with your forearm fully supported by the desk or arm support of your chair. There are two low force light click buttons and a vertical scroll wheel which is clickable for access to middle click. No software is required for this mouse. The SHIFT is Bluetooth compatible (no dongle provided) and alternatively can be used with the supplied cable for corded USB functionality. The SHIFT is available in sizes, small, medium and large.

    Hand Sizing
    On the inside of the stretched hand, using a ruler, measure the distance between the wrist and the tip of the ring finger. 

    Small 155 mm to 175 mm (6.1'' - 6.9'')
    Medium 175 mm to 195 mm (6.9'' - 7.7'')
    Large 195 mm to 215 mm (7.7'' - 8.5'')

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