The Ergonomic Laptop Stand by Keynamics LLC allows for very comfortable laptop typing, while avoiding carpal tunnel syndrome & musculoskeletal disorders.


  • The problem: A typical desk height is 29 inches, which is too high for proper keying and too low for proper viewing. The laptop keyboard is attached to the screen. Raise the screen to correct the viewing angle and your keyboard is too high for proper keying. Lower the keyboard for proper "neutral wrists" and the screen is too low for proper viewing. (Hence - "The Hunch")
  • The ergonomic notebook stands meet the guidelines of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) for ergonomic computer workstations, such as their emphasis on reclining and frequently changing your position as you work
  • Raises your laptop screen toward the plane of your eyes and allows you to hold your wrists at a neutral posture when typing
  • Reclining transfers much of the downward pressure off your spine
  • As an added bonus, the airspace and heat convection created inherently within the design of the stand reduces laptop heat

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