Model MDSS:
Regular Microdesk, 22" wide, includes 1 pair Standard (Angled) Side Accessories, 2 Paper Ledges and 1 Non-Slip Ruler/Line Guide. (Does not include Step Side Accessory)
Model MDCSS: 
Compact Microdesk, 17" wide, includes 1 pair Standard (Angled) Side Accessories, 2 Paper Ledges and 1 Non-Slip Ruler/Line Guide.  (Does not include Step Side Accessory).
Step Side Accessory (1 Pair), for use with dual height worksurfaces and keyboard trays. (Compatible with all models)

Product Image
Photo of Step Side Accessory

Ergonomic Benefits of Microdesk Document Holder:

Eliminates Twisting at the Neck and Torso - The Microdesk is designed to be positioned inline, above the rear edge of the keyboard and below the monitor. By placing documents and papers directly in front, users no longer need to twist at the neck or waist when reading reference materials or making notations.

Reduces Overreach - Positioned above the rear edge of the keyboard, the Microdesk reduces the potential for pain and discomfort in the upper back and shoulders. By allowing users to keep papers and books well within the comfort zone, forward reach is significantly reduced. As well, by making use of the space between the keyboard and monitor for paperwork, users can be sure other key tools (such as the mouse, numeric keypad or phone) remain as close to the comfort zone as possible. 

Facilitates Good Upper Body Posture - The adjustable slope (from a negative incline of 12° to a significant positive incline of 20°) allows users to position materials at the most comfortable angle for reading, handwriting, or glancing at reference materials. The Microdesk significantly reduces the risk of upper back and neck strain caused by repeatedly bending the neck or hunching over the desk.

Adds Usable Work Space - This secondary worksurface adds usable working space to the Comfort Zone that is not typically available; i.e. an elevated area between the back of the keyboard and the bottom of the monitor. For many users, a sloping worksurface is easier and more comfortable to work on than the flat surface of the desk.
  • Generous Worksurface: Measuring 22" wide x 12" deep, the Regular Microdesk accommodates all current standard keyboard widths and provides plenty of space for convenient reading and writing. The Compact version, at 17" wide by 12" deep, accommodates compact and all-in-one keyboards up to 15.75" wide and most laptop computers.
  • Two Configurations Available: Using the Standard Side Accessory (included with all Microdesks), the Microdesk can be used on the desk surface. If the Microdesk is to be used on a split level worksurface or keyboard tray, adding the Step Side Accessory allows the front of the Microdesk to be "stepped down" onto the lower level. See Images below.
  • Adjustable-Height Legs: The height of the legs is easily adjusted, allowing users to alter the slope of the platform as needed, and to raise it to the most comfortable height for the task.
  • Sturdy, Lightweight and Transparent: The Microdesk easily supports heavy reading materials and the weight of a forearm, yet is light enough to reposition with one hand. Clear construction allows users to store papers and supplies beneath the Microdesk, or to see the keyboard if the Microdesk is positioned directly above it.
  • Non-Slip Feet: Ensure secure positioning both on the desk, and on the keyboard tray.
  • Two Paper Ledges: Two sizes of paper ledge (10" x 0.25" and 10" x 0.75") allow the user to select a shallow or thick ledge. At 10" long, and centred along the lower edge of the platform, the Paper Ledges allow ample space on either side of both versions for left and right-handed users to rest their forearm as they write. Ledges can be swapped out easily but remain securely in place during busy work sessions.
  • Non-Slip Ruler / Line Guide: The included removable line guide helps keep readers oriented in the text, and helps to secure papers.

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