sCentric by Gry Mattr + ergoCentric is the equivalent to the tCentric Multi-tilt chair by ergoCentric, Canada's most popular ergonomic chair manufacturer.

The sCentric is bought "off the shelf", and cannot be customized at all, to fit your individual needs. However, it will provide you with the following standard features:

  • The Multi Tilt mechanism with seat and back height and angle adjustments, free float, seat depth, spring tension and infinite forward tilt lock out
  • Mesh Backrest and Fabric Seat 
  • Standard seat depth only (20"W X 19"W) (Not able to customize)
  • Grade 1 Fabric on the seat- Open House in Black colour only
  • BACKREST: Dual curve, elastomeric mesh (19” w x 25” h) Patented 5” of infinite back height adjustment. . [TLS] tCentric Lumbar support (Not air Lumbar) 
  • HEADREST: Patented headrest with 3 pivot points and 7” of vertical and horizontal adjustments.
  • SEAT Standard sized seat with tailored upholstery (20” w x 19” d)
  • ARMRESTS: [TCL360] Armrests- 4” of height adjustment - 360° swivel adjustment ;  2 1/2" lateral adjustment per armcap ;  2” of width adjustment per arm
  • MULTI-TILT MECHANISM: Seat Height Back Height Back Angle Seat Angle / Free Float Seat Depth Spring Tension Infinite Forward Tilt Lock Out
  • BASE:  25” glass reinforced mid profile nylon base;  5 dual wheel urethane casters
  • WARRANTY 12 Year, 3 Shifts, Labour Included;  Includes casters, pneumatic cylinders, armrests, foam and all moving mechanisms. Exceptions:  10 years on ergoCentric Approved fabrics.
  • Rated Up to a weight of 350 lbs. 

The sCentric will ship directly to your location within one week, as it is a standard, pre-built model, and is not customizable as our other ergoCentric chairs.

If you require a different seat size, or if you don't need the adjustable headrest, or the lateral arm rests, please refer to the tCentric for more choice in what you wish to order.

The chair will arrive unassembled and will require assembly.

Another option is to order the tCentric with your desired customized features, for a 2-3 week delivery time frame and to choose: 

  • A Lower price option for this chair without the headrest
  • Choosing between the chair arriving fully assembled or unassembled.
  • Different armrest options
  • Customizing the seat size, or the fabric type, grade and colour
  • Adding air-lumbar to the backrest, instead of the back support

(The tCentric Multi-tilt chair is also customizable for other features and colours, by clicking here)