Ergonomic Trends That Are Reinventing Work Sphere

Elizabeth Schnurr

Employees with a desk job are often stuck at their desk for at least 8+ hours doing the same tasks again and again. These repetitive movements and sticking to a particular posture for a long-time duration often gives rise to various health problems including obesity, lowered athleticism, lethargy, and even mental illness. With the rise in ergonomic accommodation across Canada with its market size to reach the US $2,414 million in 2021, here are 4 ways how ergonomic trends and designs eased the work-life of employees:

Have comfy and adjustable chairs? Sit-to-Stand work desk? Footrests? Ergonomic keyboard? Or maybe some other accessory in your space? Well, good news for you. Your workspace is 100% employee-friendly. Apart from these ergonomic incorporations, many companies are investing in colorful ergonomic workstation equipment which has also shown to have a positive impact on employee happiness and productivity. Bright workstations help break the monotony and revitalize the cognitive functions.

Architects have also considered the importance of design when it comes to building a workspace. Employers and organizations have realized the fact that even the design of the space can significantly impact an employee’s productivity and overall well- being. Additions like a recreational room, cozy lounge, or even a green outdoor garden with a shady seating area for reading books or simply listening to music are a few options being employed by different organizations.

No matter how advanced we get, nothing can replace the serenity and peace associated with nature. Large airy spaces allowing natural light with plants, moss or live plants on walls have become a norm that bring a sense of calm while adding exceptional beauty to the space. It is not only visually inviting but there are studies supporting the fact that incorporating plants enhances employee productivity, perception, and even attitude.

Collaborative workspace
“All work and no play makes jack a dull boy”- well, that is the concept of a collaborative workspace. While the standard corner office designs aren’t going to disappear all of a sudden, dynamic office layouts that allow free movement promote brainstorming while adding fun to work. The best part about these layouts is that these huddle spaces with hot desks, pods and ergonomic benching systems allow a quick meet-up without the formality of a conference room.

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