The Essential Do’s And Don’ts Of Buying Office Furniture

Elizabeth Schnurr

Office furniture does more than affect your workspace aesthetics. It plays a crucial role in enhancing employee productivity, health, morale, and more. If the team is not happy with the working space, the work may suffer. Renovate your office with ergocentric furniture to address concerns like health, teamwork, and productivity! You can buy ergocentric products in Canada from us. Here are a few do’s and don’ts to follow when investing in new office furniture:


1. Take measurements- Whether you are purchasing a new desk, chair, conference table, filing cabinet, or shelving unit, always take measurements. Winging it when it comes to furniture measurements can be disastrous. Knowing how much space is available makes it easier to pick the right sized furniture. Don’t forget to consider stairway and door measurements as that will determine if the furniture can fit through easily.

2. Consider mobility- Office chairs are either mobile or stationary, depending on if they roll. Stationary chairs have pole-like, fixed legs that don’t move. The mobile chairs come with casters or wheeled legs that move. The area where the chairs will be put should be taken into account to choose the chair type best suited for your requirements.

3. Choose ergonomic furniture- When investing in office furniture, make it a point to buy ergonomically designed ones. This will ensure your employees don’t stress or strain themselves while working. If office furniture isn’t designed ergonomically, workers tend to be less productive, and the chances of injury, as well as health issues, increase. Ergonomic furniture has an adjustable height, proper lumbar support, tilt lock feature, and is sturdy. For ergonomic equipment in Canada, do get in touch with us!


1. Prioritize price more than quality- While you can try to get a good deal on office furniture, you should never prioritize price more than quality. If you buy cheap furniture, a cheaper chair made in China with no warranty, for example, it is likely to wear down sooner than a premium quality ergocentric chair made in Canada with a 10 year warranty including repair services. So, in the long run, you will end up spending more!

2. Purchase from the wrong company- Never buy office furniture from just any company. If you don’t want to end up with subpar furniture, buy only from trustworthy sources. If you want good customer service, to be able to ask for advice before buying a chair or desk, or if you want to communicate with your online store staff, by from Ability at Work or ErgoEquip. Buy ergonomic products made in Canada from us. Ability at Work guarantees to deliver only high-quality products and equipment. We are always there to answer your queries regarding our furniture.

Get in touch with us for ergonomic equipment in Canada! Feel free to call us at 519-894-1419.

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