The T-Centric Multi-Tilt ergonomic office chair is fully adjustable. It comes with a fully upholstered backrest and is a sleek-looking with a less-bulky backrest. This office chair is very similar to the ErgoCentric air-Centric chair, but the back of the backrest is upholstered, as opposed to having the air-vent openings.

You can choose your fabric preference; Grade 1 Open House has a lot of colour options and is extremely durable. 

The t-Centric Chair is very comfortable. Choose additional air-lumbar support for more adjustability. 

Multi-Tilt chairs have adjustable height seat, backrest, and arm rests. They also have a seat-depth adjustment, which adds an additional 2.5 inches. The seat and entire chair can recline together, and you can adjust the seat tilt and backrest tilt angles separately.

Order swivel arm rests and you're all set! They help to support your arms at the proper height while keyboarding, so you don't fatigue your shoulder and neck muscles.