HAG Capisco 8127 stool is prime use for height adjustable workstations. The flat seat gives the option of multiple relaxed positions ranging from a comfortable sitting position to a balanced upright position. The headrest gives your neck a break from continuous strain.

Description of Casters and Wheel Options

DHB High Resistant (Urethane)- (Standard with this chair, no charge) This urethane wheel is the best option if you don’t want locking wheels and you have hard floors (i.e., hardwood or ceramic).

DBC High Resistant (Nylon) – This nylon wheel is the best option if you have softer floors and do not want locking wheels.

BKH High Resistant (Urethane) Lock Off – These wheels lock when there is no weight on the stool. Urethane Wheels are best for hard floors, since the wheels are softer and quieter.

BKC High Resistant (Nylon) Lock Off – These wheels lock when there is no weight on the stool. Nylon wheels are better for soft floors such as carpet. They have a harder feel to them.

GLD Glides – Glides are Stationary feet, and they do not move like wheels.

Support Your Feet with The Footring or the Step Up

Easy to attach, the HAG StepUp and the HAG Footring allow for varied foot positions. The HAG Footring mounts to the base of your chair, around the lift. You can support your feet while facing any direction, as your chair swivels around.

The HAG StepUp is a combination step/footrest, which attaches to the base of your HAG chair and swivels 360 degrees around the base on a pair of casters. You can use it to support your feet while sitting, and to step onto your chair.

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