The healtHcentric Exam Stool provides stability, comfort and ease of movement in multiple settings such as hospitals, clinics, and medical office buildings.

With the ability to work close to ground level, the Exam Stool reduces back and leg strain. The ring height adjustment activator ensures ease of adjustability from every angle.

Made from the highest quality materials and components, the Medical Stool Series is backed by a comprehensive warranty and is GREENGUARD® certified.

Flat tailored 16 inch diameter seat is standard.
High Resilient (HR) foam ensures longer-term comfort and no bottoming.

Non-tailored seat is an option.

Vinyl upholstery is slippery.

The solution is Frixion (Grade 6).

  • Frixion anti-slip fabric avoids slips and falls by ensuring the user remains firmly positioned and engaged with the lumbar support
  • Frixion is the only ergonomic healthcare upholstery
  • Withstands hospital grade cleaners and disinfectants
  • Promotes concentration and improved productivity
    with enhanced safety and comfort